learn to become a professional life liver.

Edgemar - Pacific Manor, San Fran. 

Meet ME... 

I am a 25 yo professional liver, expresser, entrepreneur, traveler & model. I was raised in Baltimore, Md where my original dream for freedom was conceived. I live a semi-minimalist lifestyle & believe that life is absolutely free. You may be confused as to what that means, so I'll help you out a bit..

 I was born with freedom. The freedom to do as I please, to live for myself & my own happiness. Happiness cost nothing but personal choices. With my personal choices, I decided to live up to my own standards & not the ones that were created for me (The American Dream.) Since I've been living for myself, my life has been completely free. Free of unnecessary debt, relationships, drama, & most importantly, instilled limitations.

I live where I please, at any moment I decide (honestly, the best feeling ever.) I believe home is where ever you want it to be; it's wherever your energy soars. 

My youth consisted of hunting for my niche, so today I'm practically great at doing anything. Through all my searching, I've always come back to this one thing - writing. I don't aspire to be a role model, I'm just here to inspire you through my own stories, lessons & self education. 

I could write an essay about how cool I am, but I'll just give you a bit of me through my blogs. 

Best of luck to you on becoming a professional liver.